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old school yeah man

Did anybody else know that two old episodes of neighbours are showing now on UKTV gold? I'm not sure if they play every weekday at this time but it looks like it from flicking through sky's tv guide.. the ones showing now are described as..

"Drew's exhaustion clouds his judgement. What is Marc hiding from Steph? Michelle and Elly get themselves into more trouble while trying to do the right thing."


"Harold tells Cherry exactly what he thinks of her. Drew is reluctant to reveal details of the incident at the club. Susan defends Elly."

A whole bunch of characters I'd forgotten about... Maggie, Emily, Stu's face with a much smaller circle-of-beard, Steph's tight-toned stomach being revealed in revealy clothing... the aforementioned Elly, Evan, Matthew, Leo...

And it was nice to see retro Karl and Susan together, Joe Scully in existence, the coffee shop!!! And Drew and more Scullys and Harold before there was even a whiff of evil voice-overs OR pervy memory loss suffering alter egos... Tad and Paul(!), Lou's pub with Lou in it... Dee(! - tear) and LIBBY who I dearly miss.

etc etc etc.
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